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$52.7 Billion State Spending Plan Goes to Gov. Baker; Includes Vargas’ Free School Meals Plan

Both the state House and Senate have signed off on a compromise $52.7 billion annual spending plan Monday that includes Rep. Andy X. Vargas’ priority for free meals for all school children.

Vargas took to Twitter Sunday night to celebrate that budget negotiators preserved one of his priorities, universal free school meals for all school children across Massachusetts at a cost of about $115 million.

“A huge win that provides economic relief for public school parents, removal of social stigma, and most importantly—less hungry kids and better academic outcomes! So hyped and grateful,” the Haverhill Democrat tweeted.

Senate officials agreed universal free school meals provide “immediate relief to working families by saving them up to $1,200 every year."

Read the rest of the WHAV story here.

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