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Haverhill Promise, Literacy Initiative Reaches Milestone

Haverhill Promise was launched in February of 2018 as a citywide grade level reading initiative. Rep. Vargas, alongside school committee members Rich Rosa and Gail Sullivan and a steering committee led by Dr. John Maddox embarked on a journey to establish cross-sector collaboration with the goal of proficient literacy for all Haverhill students.

Haverhill Promise is a part of a national movement to get cities to focus on early literacy. Since February of 2018, Rep. Vargas hosted fellows in his office dedicated to fleshing out the organizational infrastructure. In the summer of 2019, Haverhill Promise brought on a full-time Director, Jenny Arndt. The initiative came under the formal supervision of Haverhill Public Schools, with guidance and input from the steering committee of community partners.

August 2019 Haverhill Promise Huddle

On August 21, 2018 about 100 community partners attended the annual Haverhill Promise Huddle. Partners ranged from youth development organizations, healthcare providers, teachers, parents and more. Partners made commitments to participate in the ongoing work to address the three main categories within the Haverhill Promise scope of work: School Readiness, Attendance, and Summer Learning.

To learn more about Haverhill Promise, visit:

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