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Mass Legislature Passes FY’24 Budget with Haverhill Priorities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact:   Mallory Strain 978-228-1233 |  

July 31st, 2023 – BOSTON – The Massachusetts legislature passed the FY’24 state budget with $755,000 in funding for key community projects in Haverhill. The Haverhill legislative delegation in the House and Senate were able to successfully collaborate for the following secured funding.

The FY’24 budget includes the following:

· $50,000 for the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce for inclusive small business growth and workforce development (Lead sponsor: Rep. Vargas)

· $50,000 for an Accessory Dwelling Unit Incentive Program – to help boost supply of low-cost housing units in the city, by incentivizing homeowners via grants (Lead sponsor: Rep. Vargas)

· $50,000 for Beyond Walls for their Haverhill public art project – to help beautify the city via public art in partnership with Creative Haverhill (Lead sponsor: Rep. Vargas)

· $50,000 for Haverhill Promise – to help expand their efforts to ensure grade-level reading for Haverhill students, particularly those most impacted via pandemic accelerated learning loss (Lead sponsor: Rep. Vargas)

· $25,000 to support veterans in the city of Haverhill. (Lead sponsor: Rep. Vargas)

· $30,000 for Riverside Park to help repair the park’s basketball court (Lead sponsor: Rep. Vargas)

· $25,000 for 12th Avenue Park to make repairs to the park (Lead sponsor: Rep. Vargas)

· $250,000 for Historic New England (Lead sponsor: Rep. Vargas)

· $25,000 to support the Cogswell ArtSpace (Lead sponsor: Rep. Hamilton)

· $30,000 for the Latino Coalition to expand community engagement efforts (Lead sponsor: Senator Payano)

· $20,000 – for Somebody Cares New England to support their food pantry (Lead sponsor: Senator Payano)

· $50,000 to support MakeIt Haverhill (Lead sponsor: Senator Payano)

· $50,000 for renovations and landscaping at the site of the former R L Wood School (Lead sponsor: Senator Finegold)

· $50,000 for repairs and improvements to Gale Park (Lead sponsor: Senator Finegold)

In addition to funding for local projects, Haverhill is set to receive $82,633,811 in Chapter 70 funding for schools, an increase of $8,727,501 from last fiscal year. Haverhill will also receive $11,749,375 in generalized local aid, an increase of $364,322 over last year. $25 million has been allocated for scholarships to bolster pursuit of high-demand fields including (but not limited to) childcare and transportation. The budget also makes free school meals permanent and makes community college free for people over the age of 25.

“This budget represents historic investments in Haverhill and statewide. With $755,000 coming into local projects and organizations, increased funding for Haverhill Public Schools, and permanent free school meals, I’m proud to have partnered with our Haverhill delegation to secure the funding that our city and constituents deserve.” - Representative Andy Vargas

“With these investments in the FY24 budget, Haverhill continues to grow as a cultural and economic hub in the Merrimack Valley. I am proud to have worked with my delegation partners in securing funding for organizations such as Creative Haverhill, who are leading the Cogswell Artspace campaign in my district.” -Representative Ryan Hamilton

“Thank you to the Haverhill state delegation for their collaboration and unwavering dedication which played a pivotal role in achieving a successful FY24 budget. I was proud to provide crucial support to three remarkable local nonprofits: MakeIT Haverhill, the Haverhill Latino Coalition, and the Somebody Cares food bank. The entire delegation remains committed to bringing back valuable resources to foster the city's continuous growth and prosperity." - Senator Pavel Payano.

"The annual state budget is truly a team effort, and nowhere is that more evident than in the local earmark process. The entire Haverhill delegation came together to bring home as much funding as possible, and we can see the results in the sheer range of programs that have been included. From recreation to public art and incentivizing housing production, the FY24 budget represents a significant commitment to the prosperity of the City." - Senator Barry Finegold

The budget will now go to the Governor’s desk.


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