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Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority (MVRTA) Adopting Fare-Free Service

Statement from State Representative Andy X. Vargas

“I applaud the Advisory Board of the MVRTA for voting to suspend all fares on the system’s bus routes. The MVRTA provides vital transit services to residents in greater Haverhill. Low-income residents are especially reliant on these local bus routes and removing fares is one more way we can provide families with financial relief and help them get to their jobs and other obligations. It will also increase ridership long-term, which is necessary for a robust economy. Fare-free MVRTA service is a fiscally sound solution especially when you realize that going forward 92% of fares collected would go towards covering the cost of fare collection. In other words, the MVRTA only sees .08 cents for every dollar they currently collect. Bolstering ridership and investing in a robust transportation system are rightfully prioritized in this plan.

I also want to recognize MVRTA Administrator Noah Berger’s leadership in moving the MVRTA to fare-free service. His vision, creative planning, and commitment to quality regional transportation is an asset for Haverhill and the Merrimack Valley at large.”


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