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Neighborhood Gun Violence Prevention Program Highlighted in Huffington Post

Rep. Vargas led the way in the creation of this public health focused program

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“To Vargas, the legislature’s support for these community-based programs shows a willingness to focus on possible solutions that tend to receive less national media attention."

I'm grateful for many of my colleagues in the House who agree that 70 gun deaths a year among young people in Massachusetts means that we can and should do more to prevent gun violence. That's why we resolved to invest where the problem of gun violence is most apparent. A new $10 million fund signed into law last week will boost programs that utilize a public health approach to working with young adults most at risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of violence.

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Andy X. Vargas was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in November of 2017. He previously served on the Haverhill City Council. He is a member of the Black and Latino Caucus and sits on the following committees: Ways & Means, Education, Public Health, and Small Business.


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