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Rep. Vargas Reports 32 Haverhill Residents Shared in $1 Million in State First-Time Homebuyer Grants

State Rep. Andy X. Vargas said 32 Haverhill residents shared in more than $1 million in state grants to buy their first homes through the state’s MassDreams program.

Vargas called attention to the statistics following a legislative briefing last week by MassHousing. He said the program awarded $1,049,631 in total to 32 Haverhill residents, with an average $32,800 grant to each. There were 42 homes purchased in Haverhill under the program—some of them presumably the 32 Haverhill residents. While grant recipients must reside in an eligible city, he explained, they may purchase a home anywhere in the state.

“I’m thrilled to see the remarkable success that MassDreams has had in Haverhill and statewide. Homeownership is a critical tool towards breaking the cycle of poverty and building intergenerational wealth. This funding has made it possible for families that otherwise could not afford or compete in this housing market to realize their dream of homeownership,” said Vargas.

Read the rest of the WHAV story here.

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