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Restoring Heating Assistance, Combatting Homelessness and More in Supplemental Budget

Despite severe cuts at the federal level that drastically reduced the low-income heating energy assistance program (LIHEAP), the Massachusetts House yesterday passed a supplemental budget to ensure that families do not feel the effects.

Representative Andy X. Vargas joined colleagues in voting in favor of a supplemental budget which addresses multiple areas including heating assistance, enhanced support for victims or sexual assault, and programs to help those battling homelessness.

The supplemental budget makes key investments in crucial areas:

  • $30 million for Low Income Heating Energy Assistance to make up for Federal funding shortfalls

  • $10 million to fund emergency assistance for homeless families

  • $8 million to begin to address the backlog of Sexual Assault Evidence Kits at the State Police Crime Lab

  • $39 million to fund ratified-collective bargaining agreements at various state agencies.

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